People with asthma should have annual reviews

Asthma Treatment by Traditional Remedies

Asthma is a serious chronic disease that affects respiratory tract. The main symptom of asthma is choking, which may start unpredictable and lead to tragic consequences. Since asthmatics are under great influence of allergic reactions, drugs and medicines for treatment should be taken with extreme caution and only on attending physician’s recommendation. That is why many carriers of this disease often wonder: how to treat asthma by traditional remedies. Asthma Causes Asthma is very often

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Asthma Symptoms and Consequences

Asthma Symptoms Today Asthma Inhalers Online decides to explain you everything about asthma symptoms and consequences caused by asthma. Symptoms of asthma include labored breathing, which is caused by air shortage, it is audible even at distance, accompanied by suffocation, there is a heaviness in chest, cough is present. The disease often manifests itself at night. So, how much expressiveness of asthma symptoms depends on severity of its course: mild, moderate, severe. In mild form number of attacks

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Emergency Aid for Asthma

Main Recommendations Whenasthma attack is present you should immediately give first aid before ambulance comes. Please complete these steps: Provide asthma victim with fresh air, release him from tight clothing and help find a position in which it is easier to breathe, it is leaning forward with his hands on chair. Legs and arms bent at the joints. Warm up hands and feet, putting mustard, if there is no allergy to them, otherwise patient’s condition

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Great People are no Exception!

Asthma is a very common disease worldwide. Many famous people have suffered and are still suffering from bronchial asthma, but it does not prevent them to achieve outstanding success. Asthma Inhalers Online will tell you about patients, who are characterized strong-willed, goal-oriented, commitment, internal ambivalence etc., that is, those negative characteristics, which could be fundamental obstacle to solve their life problems. These people, in spite of chronic illness, managed to become a prominent and well-known

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9 Rules for Asthmatics: Avoid Sudden Movements and Walk more

Main Rules Rule 1: Try to “Neutralize” pollen In many cases, patients with asthma react to pollen, they have allergic reaction. Therefore, for season of flowering plants which may be hazardous to prepare in advance – for 1.5-2 months before it starts. For this desensitization course performed – treatment, reducing sensitivity to allergens that cause reaction. If time for treatment is skipped, the only reliable way – to go anywhere else from here. Rule 2:

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Is it difficult to identify asthma?

The issue of determining the risk of inheritance with malformations of respiratory system is extremely difficult, as in some cases they may be a manifestation of monogenic inherited diseases, and sometimes – the result of adverse environmental effects. Determination of the risk degree with polygenic inherited diseases, particularly bronchial asthma , presents considerable difficulties for the matter, as the genetic predisposition and the influence of adverse factors (bad environment) also may affect the disease development. It is

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Asthma During Pregnancy

Recently, two ar three decades ago, pregnant woman with bronchial asthma had to meet quite negative attitude which was periodically shown even by doctors. They asked unpleasant, irritating questions – “Children? Are you out of your mind”? Time passes and today the situation has considerably changed to the best. Doctors around the world agree in the general opinion – bronchial asthma doesn’t become an obex to happiness of a maternity. However this illness doesn’t lose

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Myths about Asthma

Myth 1. The main thing is rub through children’s age and after puberty asthma may pass off. Of course, it happens that teenagers cease to choke at the age of 14-16, but in several years asthma flashes with a new force. Asthma doesn’t disappear anywhere, this is a chronic disease. Once manifested, asthma grows and matures together with the person. And insufficient and not systematic treatment in the childhood can lead to the fact that

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Do Asthmatics have any Limitations in Activity?

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory process in the bronchi, which causes difficult breathing and provokes wheezing, cough, and sometimes suffocation. These makes daily life inconvenient. Unfortunately, this disease affects about 10% of people. But the disease can be lived with if you know what you are permitted to do in case of bronchial asthma and what is not recommended. In the beginning it is interesting to learn whether you can deal with it. Is it

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Types of Bronchial Asthma

Do you know, in what asthma types differ from each other? If you are an asthmatic, then you probably already have experienced, how terrible can asthma symptoms be such as wheezing, coughing, dyspnea, tightness in chest area. And degree of your understanding of your illness can help your doctor to determine its specific type, for example, exercise-induced asthma (asthma that exacerbates during exercise) or nocturnal asthma (asthma that violates night sleep and manifests in quite

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