Anti-Spam Policy

It is not even worth writing this, as it is the most trivial of possible slogans, but still…

Spammers are not welcome here! If you use our services for implementing activities related to spam-mailing we will immediately ban your account at Asthma Inhalers Online.

Anti-Spam Policy

What is Spam?

There can be given many definitions on this issue, depending on who you ask. We, Asthma Inhalers Online, mainly point to customer’s request of definition regarding this website.

  • Spam is any mass messages mailing to users via e-mail without their prior consent for this process.
  • If you are using Asthma Inhalers Online service, spam is prohibited in any form or any manifestation.
  • Each message must include a link allowing to unsubscribe from receiving messages.
  • If you faced cases of spam-mailing via Asthma Inhalers Online service, please let us know about it at
  • By providing information about spam-mailing via Asthma Inhaler Online, you hereby consent to transmission of your personal data (email-address) to third parties – parties sending E-mail-messages, as well as law-enforcement authorities for operational-investigative actions in accordance with law about personal data.
  • Any client using Asthma Inhalers Online for spam-mailing, will be immediately deprived of access to the system.
    In absence of weighty arguments from the client within 24 hours after account ban, this account will be deleted without possibility to restore.

What we don’t Do!

  • Sending undesirable E-mails to addressees who have not given their consent to receive such information.
  • Sending unrelated links to discussion forums and news groups or classified pages, such as eBay.
  • Using, renting or otherwise making lists of E-mail addresses from third parties.
  • Sending undesirable E-mail messages from third parties with the purpose of convincing people to join Asthma Inhalers Online E-mail lists.

We do not believe that above information is a complete guide to what spam really is, but we believe that it reveals a part of this issue.

What Happens if you Send Spam?

If we learn that you are using your account at Asthma Inhalers Online to realize actions that are associated with spam, you can expect some or all of actions below.

Most definitely:

  • We will immediately deprive you of access to your account.
  • We will not refund you any money, invested into Asthma Inhalers Online.


  • We will demand compensation for damages from you, if your actions in any way adversely affected our ability to provide services to our clients.
  • We will apply to court!

When a Massage is Considered Spam

  • Massages, containing target information about purchased or open E-mail lists, which do not require sending introductory letter to obtain consent for mailing.
  • In most cases, letters are sent to E-mail boxes like info@, sales@ and other common E-mail boxes.
  • Massages, containing incorrect or distorted contact details.
  • Using E-mail addresses that do not belong to domain that is associated with the company.
  • Headline misinforms by obtrusive advertising.
  • E-mail massage body has no «unsubscribe» link.
  • For a long period of time after receiving a request to unsubscribe from mailing, unsubscribing does not occur.
  • Mailing reports shown indicators of clicking on «spam» or blocking messages with E-mail providers spam filters (, etc.), or number of failed deliveries are significantly higher than average.

Preventive Anti-Spam Measures

  • Technical filters. Asthma Inhalers Online has powerful semi-automatic analytical systems for detecting spamming activity and its immediate cessation.
  • Checking users’ data to exclude unauthorized access to the system with purpose of misuse.
  • Ongoing training and consultations of clients and employees.

Please remember that we do not make a decision about your possible guilt automatically. We consider all issues related to possible cases of spam-mailing, and only then make a decision.