Asthma treatment by the sea

Asthma is a common chronic disease, which causes inflammation of the airways due to external or internal irritable factors. External factors concern physical effects: chemical and mechanical damage, weather conditions, as well as stress and physical exertion. Often, the main element of provocative acts are allergic to dust or some plants. The internal factors are the pathological changes of endocrine and immune system.

seaSymptoms of asthma

Today, asthma is often a chronic disease, it is manifested in bronchial obstructive syndrom and suffocation. Nowadays this disease is a serious problem, because it has a progressive nature and it can not be cured. Timely detection of the disease will make it possible to prevent its further development.

The early signs of this disease:

  • shortness of breath;
  • dry cough;
  • wheezing;
  • difficulty of inhaling;
  • weakness;
  • malaise.

The first signs of asthma occur most often at night whhile sleeping, they appear appear from time to time, not suddenly and may not bother for some periods. After some time, asthma symptoms (learn more) begin to progress actively, that is important that you do not miss the moment and get timely treatment in the clinic. It is necessary to identify disease at an early stage to avoid complications. Do not try to heal yourself independently, even if you think that the disease has receded. Proper treatment of asthma prescribed by a doctor is the lack of risk and the rapid removal of dangerous symptoms.

Treatment of asthma by the sea

seasideWe must start with the fact that the sea air is saturated with useful substances, positively influencing our health, it does not contain dust (directly into the sea or on the shore). Scientists have found similarities in the composition of human blood plasma and sea water. The water, in turn, fills the air and sea substances which positively affect human health and the duration of his life.

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Sea water composition


  1. Potassium. He plays the role of antiallergen in our body;
  2. Calcium. It strengthens the connective tissue of our body;
  3. Bromine. It has a calming effect on the body;
  4. Magnesium. It helps to relieve swelling;
  5. Iodine. It promotes the rejuvenation of skin cells.

Sea air is especially rich in all of these elements in bad weather, when the sea is stormy and the waves are throwing to the shore. Airborne molecules are partially ionized, thus they give the air more healing properties.

The sea air, which is negatively ionized, speeds up the metabolism. A man inhaling the sea air, ncreases the hemoglobin content in red blood cells. In addition, while breathing the sea air, the person improves the function of the respiratory system, ventilation of the lungs. The sea air improves oxygen uptake, helps remove carbon dioxide from the human body.

Similarly, walks on the sea side positively affect the circulatory system, the heart operates particularly smoothly and rhythmically in these hours.
At long aerotherapy strengthens our nervous system, which helps fight against depression, sleep becomes calmer and deeper, a person improves appetite and increases the capacity for mental and physical activity, as well as the immune system increases significantly. Children and adolescents begin to grow faster.

Salt is vital for our body. There are about 250 grams of salt in our body at the moment – the volume of a glass. Salt is necessary for us to stay alive. Sea salt and sea air make our health condition much better.

The beneficial properties of sea air have been known since the ancient time and highly valued. Especially the people of high society loved rest at the sea-side. And today many seaside resortsis includ treatment by sea and air in the program of thalassotherapy.

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Blood, muscle, heart

happyheartWhat is a benefit of salty sea air? If our body has not enough salt, muscles will not opearte properly. Also we will face problems in blood circulation, food digestion and heart beat. Treatment of the body with the help of sea air exploits precisely this idea. This therapy belongs to the category of methods that do not use drugs or any similiar treatment. Clinical researches show that sea air can be used as primary or adjunctive therapy for the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract.

In some cases, the sea air is used to treat cystic fibrosis of the pancreas. Each session lasts 45 minutes, during which the patient rests inside a closed room whicg is filled with air enriched in particles of sea salt. When the sea air goes into the respiratory tract, the salt acts as an expectorant and a natural anti-inflammatory agent – it helps the cough and removes excess mucus.

Asthma, chronic bronchitis or allergies

allergyPatients with cystic fibrosis are not the only ones who can get benefit from treatment by the sea air. It is also effective in the treatment of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, or severe allergies. It may be applied not only to adults, there is such a therapy room for children.

However, there are not so many scientific data on the results of the sea air and sea salt advantage for the treatment of the disease. When choosing a method of treatment of a respiratory disease, we must remember that the sea air therapy has not yet taken strong positions among the methods of conventional medicine. On the other hand, there is no information on the harms of sea air for people with these diseases, too. So if this tool helps many people feel better, it may be a wise option to try. Moreover such a course is not expensive.

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In general, the fact that the sea air is good to our health, is well-know all over the world and may become a perfect additive treatment for asthmatics along with the inhalers he uses. So, spend more time in the sea, sunbathe, breathe the sea air, live a proper lifestyle and be healthy!