Data Security Terms

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter – Policy) applies to all users’ information Asthma Inhalers Online can get while providing Internet-services at This Privacy Policy explains how Asthma Inhalers Online collects, uses and protects your personal information. This Policy purpose is to ensure adequate protection of information about users, including their personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure. Relations connected to collection, storage, dissemination and protection of information about Asthma Inhalers Online users, are governed by this Policy, other Asthma Inhalers Online official and legislation.


Using Asthma Inhalers Online service indicates user’s unreserved consent with this Policy and its terms and specified conditions of personal data processing.

  1. General Terms

    • Using Asthma Inhalers Online services, you agree to this Privacy Policy. This Policy only applies to information about users obtained through Asthma Inhalers Online Internet resource.
    • This Policy determines rules for collecting, processing, storage and use of personal information provided by users of Asthma Inhalers Online website.
    • Information that this Policy covers:
      • standard data, automatically received by https-server when accessing website (host IP-address, requested resource address, time, type and information about browser, that has sent request, user’s operating system type, page address, which carried out transition to Asthma Inhalers Online resource);
      • data provided by user during registration on website (name, e-mail address and other information);
      • information, automatically received when accessing Asthma Inhalers Online using cookies;
      • other data, unknown to third parties, provided by the user to obtain services.
  2. Reference to Service

    • Providing services for users Asthma Inhalers Online administration, acting reasonably and responsibly, believes that user:
      • has all necessary rights, that enables registering and using this Internet resource;
      • provides accurate personal information necessary for using Asthma Inhalers Online services, when required;
      • is aware that information on website, users provide about themselves and transmit to Asthma Inhalers Online in order to be placed on other Internet resources, may become available to other users and can be copied and distributed;
      • consciously determined and controls used software settings in accordance with his preferences concerning protection of personal data, information about his hardware and software and Internet connection;
      • has opportunity to learn this Policy terms by visiting «Privacy Policy» on the website.
    • Administration believes that users, accessing to Asthma Inhalers Online resource, are familiar with this Policy and express their consent.
    • If you disagree with this Policy, Asthma Inhalers Online website usage must be stopped.
  3. Collecting Information

    • Asthma Inhalers Online collects information about users in accordance with terms set out in this Policy.
      Administration has no intention of getting information from users under legal age and recommends their legal representatives to allow them working with in the Internet only under their own control.
    • Administration does not validate information collected about users and does not perform control over users legal personalities.
  4. Processing Information

    • Asthma Inhalers Online administration carries out users’ information processing, including personal data, in order to fulfill Asthma Inhalers Online obligations in front of users against concerning using Asthma Inhalers Online resources.
    • Personal data processing is performed on the basis of:
      • legitimate purposes and means of processing personal data;
      • integrity;
      • compliance of personal data processing purposes to purposes predetermined and stated during personal data collection, as well as Asthma Inhalers Online Administration authority;
      • compliance of scope and nature of processed personal data, methods of personal data processing to personal data processing purposes;
      • impossibility of combining created for separate purposes databases, containing personal data.
    • Personal Data Collection
      Personal data collection is carried out on website during registration, as well as in future when user provides on his own initiative more information about himself using means of Asthma Inhalers Online resource.
    • Personal Data Transmission:
      • personal user data is not transmitted to any third parties, except for cases contained herein;
      • transmitting personal user data at government bodies (local authorities) request is carried out according to legislation.
  5. Data Storage and Protection

    • Asthma Inhalers Online website provides storage of user information in accordance with specific terms of this Privacy Policy.
    • All collected, stored and processed information about users is considered information with limited access, unless otherwise contained in legislation or this Policy.
    • Administration is taking all reasonable steps to protect personal information from destruction, distortion or disclosure.
    • Asthma Inhalers Online may share information with joint or other companies under common control, where it can be used to provide joint services or for purposes such as internal statistics, strategic decisions, customer trends identification, customer verification, fraud prevention and security.
  6. Privacy Policy Limitations

    • This Privacy Policy does not apply to actions and Internet resources of third parties, on information provided by Asthma Inhalers Online users in order to be placed on other Internet resources.
    • securityAsthma Inhalers Online administration is not responsible for actions of third parties, having got access to user information via Internet Asthma Inhalers Online services in accordance with selected level of privacy, for consequences of using information that, due to Internet resources nature, is available to any Internet user.
    • Asthma Inhalers Online administration recommends users to take responsibility for solving issues about information amount posted on the website.
  7. Final Terms

    • Administration considers applications related to this Privacy Policy, including requests from users regarding use of their personal data via e-mail:
    • All correspondence directed to Asthma Inhalers Online support group, is perceived as information with limited access and may be published only with user written consent, and addresses, personal information and other information about users who have sent these letters can not be used without consent other than for response to e-mail received.
    • This Privacy Policy is an open and public document.
    • Administration reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. When changes are made, current edition contains date of the last update. New Policy version comes into force from moment of its publication on website, unless otherwise provided by new Policy version.