Delivery Terms

Asthma Inhalers Online provides you with two main delivery systems to bring your order right to you. Our main delivery systems are:

  • Regular Airmail;
  • Express Courier System.

delivery termsThese two variants of shipping are different only in one point: period of time necessary for delivery. By means of Regular Airmail it takes from 10 to 21 days for delivery. On the contrary Express Courier System delivers you the parcel in 8-14 days.

Asthma Inhalers Online service provides its customers with free delivery options in case when total amount of your order is comprised of more than $150. The delivery is administered on business days only except holidays.

As soon as possible your order is successfully paid, confirmation e-mail is immediately brought to you as well as another e-mail after order departed, which supplies tracking information. If any questions disturb you our support group is delighted to answer them all. Our e-mail: