Emergency Aid for Asthma

Main Recommendations

    Whenasthma attack is present you should immediately give first aid before ambulance comes. Please complete these steps:

  • Provide asthma victim with fresh air, release him from tight clothing and help find a position in which it is easier to breathe, it is leaning forward with his hands on chair. Legs and arms bent at the joints.
  • Warm up hands and feet, putting mustard, if there is no allergy to them, otherwise patient’s condition will deteriorate . Put hands and feet in hot water.
  • The victim lay on back, palms of hands during exhalation press on chest, so do it 10 times.
  • In mild attack you can take some of drugs such as Aminophylline half a pill half or whole tablet Theophedrin (allergy to aspirin – it is impossible), half a pill of Ephedrine or hold under tongue 1 or 2 tablets of Isoprenaline.
  • The patient’s condition can be alleviated by making body massage (only top) – down from top of head to chest and back. For convenience, we can take massaging cream or talc.
  • Use ammonia spirit (smell it), and (or) rub a body by means of brush, but soft one.
  • Since during the attack sputum is viscous, then for its easy discharge it is recommended to drink sour wine (but a little) or take a pinch of soda. It may even help valeric tincture (15-20 drops are taken in water glass).
  • It is also a beneficial one inhalation of drugs: Berotec, Salbutamol, Asthmopent ordered via Asthma Inhalers Online. No more than three times in a row! This procedure helps depart viscous mucus, which later turns into liquid, wheezing and shortness of breath decrease. The attack usually takes from 20 minutes to one hour.
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In case if you apply inhalations and other drugs, be sure to inform your doctor or health care provider, who will arrive, not to re-introduced to patient the same medications, otherwise they can cause overdose. Typically, provider enters drugs (intravenous, intramuscular), which arrested attack. If improvement does not come, then you can inject Prednisolonum at a dose of 60-90 g and carry out oxygen therapy.asthma attack

If after 40 minutes the patient has not felt relief by means of this therapy, such a state is called status asthmaticus. It can result in loss of consciousness or death. Then patient in a semi-sitting position is sent to intensive care unit or in therapeutic department. To those people who have passed attack, you can stay at home with transfer of surveillance of assistant or medical worker.

Assisting children. In children viscous sputum is overallocated in comparison with adults, due to pulmonary edema, but spasms’ amount is considerably less. With the severe asthma attack aerosols’ use is not recommended, if not prohibited, in case if you frequently use it. While choking child should be put on bed, given anti-asthma drug – Euphyllin or Solutan et al. (Dosage depends on patient’s age).

Distract child’s attention so that he was not afraid to attack, for example, to see pictures in book. If problem persists for 40 minutes, then you need immediate medical assistance. The doctor must necessarily indicate what medications should be given to child that he should not have brought them back, otherwise it may be drugs’ overdose.

Usually at mild asthma attack, doctors recommend inhalation (1-2 doses of bronchodilator drug). For older children and ineffectiveness of other drugs Salbutamol, Berotek H (β2-agonists) are the most suitable. And for the younger children Atrovent (M-cholinomimetic) may help, it is also effective for night attacks. Flomax – combined antispasmodic (β2-agonist and M-cholinomimetic) is well enough to arrest attack. Improvement should occur within 20 minutes. At moderate attack treatment is the same. Only if there is no inhaler, you can enter intravenously a solution of 2.4% aminophylline only isotonic sodium chloride solution (the exact dosage and method of administration doctor should prescribe). The effect occurs within 20 minutes. But severe attack requires immediate hospitalization – oxygen therapy, inhalation bronchial spasmolytic.

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Emergency Care in Cardiac Asthma

When a heart attack you need to call an ambulance, but it is possible to provide emergency aid to patient. Provide him half-sitting position, access to fresh air, if necessary, free of tight clothing. Next take tonometer to measure blood pressure. If it is not lower than norm, then give victim nitroglycerine tablet under the tongue. If drug is not present, it may be suitable the following substitutes – nitroglycerine spray (Nitrospray, Nitromint). After 5 minutes, you can repeat inhalation nitric medications or take a pill, but to do it more than 2 times is prohibited! Nitroglycerine tablet can be easily replaced by Menthyl isovalerate.

After 5-10 minutes victim was in a semi-sitting position, he is twisted tourniquet on limb, you can replace it by kapron stockings, used it as elastic bandage. Since blood flow is delayed, load on the heart is reduced and thus it is possible to avoid pulmonary edema. If you still have not done it, the patient can hold his feet in hot water. It also allows pressure to stop blood flow to heart, but tourniquet is much more effective. Tourniquets are superimposed on two legs and one arm. On foot – 15 cm below inguinal fold, on hand – below shoulder joint about 10 cm.

Twisting a tourniquet correctness is checked by arteries pulsation, pulse is felt below the indentation tourniquet. Twisting tourniquet for a long time should not be, otherwise it can also harm health. In general, with such an attack, it is desirable not to hesitate and immediately seek for help. We need urgent hospitalization, even if patient has felt already better.

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