As a steroid, the role of Flovent in the body is to prevent the production of substances which normally initiate inflammation. Other than that, it also comes in handy in the prevention of asthmatic attacks. You have to take note of the fact that Flovent will not treat your asthma attack, particularly one that has already started, but it will provide you relief. From time to time you might have to use Flovent HFA and FloventDiskus alongside an oral steroid medication, so that you can get the relief you need.

What you should know before taking Flovent

There are a number of things that you need to take into perspective when you are using Flovent. First off, you have to understand that this is not a rescue drug. In the event of an attack therefore, you cannot expect this to work as fast as a rescue drug would. However, when used appropriately, it can be really helpful in preventing asthma attacks (intresting facts about Asthma Triggers and Treatments).

Other than that, the following are some important things that you need to discuss with your doctor before you start using Flovent:

  • Do not use Flovent to try and treat an asthma attack that is already on
  • Make sure your doctor is aware that you have tuberculosis, eye herpes, a weak immune system or glaucoma
  • Let the doctor know if you have any infection that is caused by parasites like hookworms, pinworms, malaria or giardia

How to use Flovent effectively

Proper use of Flovent is one of the most important things that will help you learn to take good care of yourself. It is not every other day that you get to use this inhaler, but when you have to, make sure that you know what to do (read about other asthma inhalers on https://onlineasthmainhalers.com/category/asthma-inhalers).

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There are patient instructions that come with the medication, which are very easy to follow and to use. These will also help you get nothing but the most effective use out of your medication. You are supposed to follow these instructions to the latter.

If you happen to have any questions, try and get in touch with your pharmacist and they will assist you. The following are some of the most important things that you need to know about proper use of this inhaler:

  • When using this with children, make sure to assist them with proper use of the inhaler
  • Never change your dose without approval from your doctor
  • Always rinse with water after use, so that you do not get a yeast infection in the mouth
  • Never swallow, and keep proper dental hygiene, so that you do not develop cavities

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Important information about the appropriate dosage

One of the most common challenges that patients encounter when using Flovent is determining the appropriate dosage to use. There are certain tips that will help you get some good use of the dosage that was prescribed for you for Flovent (how das Flovent work).

The following are some of the instructions that you need to take into consideration:

  • If you happen to skip a dose, use it as soon as you remember
  • In the event that you remember and it is almost time for your next dose, ignore the skipped dose altogether
  • Never use up additional medication to make up for the one that you missed
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Side effects of using Flovent

In as far as the use of Flovent is concerned, you need not worry about an overdose, because there have not been any life threatening symptoms experienced by patients who reported an overdose. However, that being said you still need to make sure that you do not take an overdose.

Since this is a steroid, it is highly advisable that you do not stay on it for a prolonged period of time. That being said, some of the effects of prolonged steroid usage include the following:

  • Bruising very easily
  • Thinning of the skin
  • Loss of interest in sex

Other than that, the following are some of the side effects that you will need to be on the lookout for, in the event that you are using this:

  • A feeling of low fever, tight chest, and wheezing coughs
  • A deepened voice, or hoarseness in the voice
  • You might experience some white patches, or white sores on the lips or within the mouth