Modern Inhalers for Asthma

Over the years there have been lots of advancement in the way asthma is controlled, and this is one thing that asthma patients can be happy about. Inhalers have been improved and you can look forward to better management of asthma attacks from time to time.

It is important to realize that with things like asthma, the key lies in control. Gaining control over the situation will make it easier for you to get through your day. This is why you need to ensure that you have quality controller medications, or quick relief medication at hand.

The principle of operation of the inhaler and its species

Pressurized inhalers normally deliver medication to the individual through a propellant spray. This is the mode of operation that is used in the metered dose inhalers, or the puffers as they are known in some quarters. The following are simple tips that you should remember when using the inhaler:

  • Always breath out, further away from the inhaler
  • Completely close your mouth around the inhaler before you press it
  • Breathe in very slowly
  • Having used the inhaler, hold on to your breath for around 10 seconds, then breathe out

Remember that you are supposed to use this inhaler to help you have an easier life, without worrying about asthmatic attacks from time to time. That being said however, should you happen to have any trouble with the use of the inhaler, you should get in touch with your physician as soon as possible so that you can be assisted as appropriate.

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What are inhalers?

Modern Inhalers for AsthmaAn inhaler is a portable and hand-held device, which helps in terms of topical delivery of antimicrobials to your nasal sinus. This is one of the most effective means of delivery for aerosol medication, and has been highly effective over the years.

They can be found in three different types:

  • Nebulizers
  • Metered dose inhalers
  • Dry powder inhalers

How do modern inhalation devices

In as far as modern inhalation devices are concerned; there are a lot of things that we have to learn. Their mode of operation is one of the most intriguing things so far. There are times when you can be asked what inhalers do to prevent an attack, but getting an answer might not be so easy. That being said however, these inhalers come in handy for people with asthma or asthmatic attacks, which can be caused as a result of the following:

  • Cold or warm air
  • Smoke
  • Perfume and other allergens

Inhalers for asthma

asthma-inhalersThere are so many people who are currently using inhalers for asthma. More often than we can realize, these inhalers have been able to assist such individuals have an easier time with their lives; have an easier time getting through normal activities.

There are things that we take for granted, at least until we suffer an asthmatic attack, that’s when we realize just how precious some of these things are. Bearing that in mind, the following are some simple things that you need to take into consideration when you are using an inhaler:

  • Always make sure you check the expiry date of your inhaler before use
  • The inhalers must always be kept at room temperature
  • From the day you start using it, write down the date you begin to use the inhaler on the canister
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Hormonal inhaler in asthma

In as far as women and asthma are concerned, hormones normally have a significant effect on the body in one way or the other. There are a number of things that affect the ability to breathe properly, all which are influenced by the hormones. The following are some of the hormonal cycles that have an effect on the breathing process:

  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • The menstrual cycle

For the ladies therefore, the challenge is twice what a normal person suffering from asthma would have to go through. This is because other than dealing with the normal allergens like pollen, they also have to face a different struggle, in the fluctuation of the hormones. That being said however, this can be effectively managed.

How to choose an inhaler

choose asthma inhalersThere are different points that are normally taken into consideration when choosing the ideal inhaler for an individual. The doctors will in most cases consider different things before they recommend a particular inhaler for you.

The following are some examples of considerations that are taken into place when choosing the ideal inhaler for a particular patient:

  • Small kids and infants – using a facemask and a spacer
  • Individuals with poor manual dexterity – use a haleraid device or a breath activated inhaler
  • Elderly patients with poor coordination – use a breath activated inhaler

These decisions are made based on how the individual will be able to get access to their inhaler on an emergency basis, and based on their physical ability to respond to the need arising.