9 Rules for Asthmatics: Avoid Sudden Movements and Walk more

Main Rules

Rule 1: Try to “Neutralize” pollen

In many cases, patients with asthma react to pollen, they have allergic reaction. Therefore, for season of flowering plants which may be hazardous to prepare in advance – for 1.5-2 months before it starts. For this desensitization course performed – treatment, reducing sensitivity to allergens that cause reaction. If time for treatment is skipped, the only reliable way – to go anywhere else from here.

Rule 2: Protect yourself from Cold

If your asthma does not depend on season, but, for example, is associated with allergy to house dust, it is necessary all year round to fight against it. But real “problem” for asthmatics – cold, always worsening disease. You may reduce their risk to a minimum by the following method: take adaptogenic plants (if you do not have allergies to them), boosts immunity (read more) by – Echinacea, ginseng, Rhodiola rosea and others.

Rule 3: Provide Inflow of Fresh Air

During warmer months, the main thing is to spend time outside the city as much as possible. City summer air is a complex mixture of exhaust gases, dust, industrial fumes. Try to spend more time outside the city, in the country for example.asthma

Rule 4: Do not Neglect Using Natural Remedies

Of course, patients with asthma should be treated only under doctor’s supervision and constantly take those drugs, which he assigns. However, it is known that some natural remedies may be used for prophylaxis (after consultation with your doctor).

For example, Belarusian doctors recommend asthmatic to take 5-6 times a day for 1 dessert spoon of adonis herbs infusion during one week per month (6 g of powdered herb per cup of boiling water).

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Good prevention of asthma attacks is decoction of nettle leaves and fresh juice of young nettles.

Rule 5: Home Flowers and Animals should be Excluded

Flowers in apartment and asthma – an invalid combination. So asthmatics cannot transplanted or even can not keep flowers inside as well as pets. Experience shows that even in absence of allergy to pets, you will sooner or later gain allergy.

Rule 6: Be Careful to Materials

Asthmatics are better to abandon cotton, feather, down pillows and blankets, to use more modern materials. It is better to give preference to natural fabrics. No synthetics! Now on sale there is special anti-allergy linen, you can use it.

Rule 7: Avoid Sudden Movements

runningThe main slogan for patients with asthma should be word “moderation”. Features of disease is such that any attack could trigger unexpected effect: a glass of ice water, sharp temperature drop, intense physical activity. Therefore, patients are not even shown these types of exercise, like shaping, aerobics and even jogging.

The same applies to reinforced feats on the home field or in the summer garden beds. Optimal asthma physical exercise – a long, quiet walk. Especially long country walks are useful.

Rule 8: Stay away from Toxins and Waste

If you have to participate in apartment cleaning, repair (although it is best to avoid it) or remove construction waste, this should be done in mask that protects you against dust, or respirator.

In the kitchen, be sure to install the cooker hood over stove. It will save you from the combustion gases from vapor, smoke and odors when cooking.

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When cleaning it is better to use dry, not washing vacuum cleaner. Residual moisture after application creates ideal conditions for reproduction of the main manufacturers of household allergens – mites and molds.

Also be careful when using household cleaning products. “Dust” from washing and cleaning powders and annoying odors, including chlorine, are not suitable for you. Do not neglect “safety equipment” – gloves, respirator mask.

Rule 9: Do not Dwell on Disease

Asthma patients often suffer from the fact that they “do not like everybody.” This is not conducive to good psychological climate. In order not to feel alone and to solve problems together with people who have been exposed to them, it is possible to engage in special asthma-schools which are located from all over the world. They are more likely to be visited by women – and because they are more likely to suffer from asthma, and they are more responsible attitude towards their health.

There are websites (onlineasthmainhalers.com) on the Internet where you can find very useful information and addresses of like-minded persons. If you comply with all recommendations, it is possible to “go down” to a lower rung of disease and then indefinitely sustain disease in state, which makes it possible to lead normal, active life.

You can keep disease under control and even to gradually reduce amount of treatment. Many leading allergists suffer themselves from bronchial asthma. And so they were able to adapt to condition that most others do not even suspect that they are sick. But doctor can properly control himself. It knows when to increase or decrease dose when it is necessary to apply antibiotics to prevent complications due to bacterial infection. A patient needs to do it with your physician. And then he will be able to feel full, active person, in spite of asthma.

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