Do Asthmatics have any Limitations in Activity?

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory process in the bronchi, which causes difficult breathing and provokes wheezing, cough, and sometimes suffocation. These makes daily life inconvenient. Unfortunately, this disease affects about 10% of people. But the disease can be lived with if you know what you are permitted to do in case of bronchial asthma and what is not recommended. In the beginning it is interesting to learn whether you can deal with it.asthma life

Is it possible to cure asthma?

Experts are sounding the alarm, because the number of the illness cases is increasing dramatically. Physicians have not yet learned how to cure asthmatics completely. Sometimes the disease is retreating for a few years and then manifests again.

Typically medicians prescribe drug therapy to ease symptoms. These are preparations like inhalers and preparations for the basic treatment:

Inhaled agents are often used on a regular basis. Why is such form of treatment most effective? It’s simple – the drug reaches its goal directly, that is, the bronchi, and begin operating immediately, what is especially important during an asthma attack, as every second counts. Besides, medications in pill form have to go through the whole digestive cycle, decaying in the liver, thus doing harm to health.
Doctor also prescribe preparations for the basic treatment, contributing to the symptoms extinction and reducing the need for drugs taking. Combined drugs include both functions – first of all, they are a basic medicine and relieve the attack. It is economically more profitable option.
At the moment there is a great variety of medications which help fighting this illness. We speak of asthma inhalers. There are different types: short-term effect inhalers (Proventil, Ventolin inhalers) and long-term inhalers (Advair Discus and others). Study all the information and choose the right one for yourself.
Frequently used drugs contain hormones which affect the whole body, reducing the organism immunity. Therefore, people suffering from asthma, need to be especially careful and protect themselves from viral infections and flu.

Can we drink at bronchial asthma?

You may ask: what is about a small amount of alcohol and how it can affect the respiratory system? But the human body is a unified system, and different factors can have a detrimental effect on the course of a disease.asthma and alcohol2

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First of all alcohol badly affects the human immune system, it is particularly harmful for a weakened organism of an asthmatic.
Alcohol provokes the exacerbation of chronic diseases, and asthma belongs to them. Getting through the stomach wall into the blood, a dangerous drink fills the body with toxins, aggravating all inflammatory processes. The body, meanwhile, throws all the forces for the fight against harmful substances, as a result the disease prevails and manifests itself in all its “glory.”
Alcohol makes the blood thicker, which is why it is hardly transported through the asthmatic patient’s body. The organism can’t get the right amount of oxygen, so that may lead to an asthma attack.
Alcohol is often not compatible with medication, which a person suffering from asthma takes. Due to this, all the treatments can unravel.
The disease and alcohol can hardly get along together. Here is the conclusion: Alcohol and asthma are not compatible!

It should also be careful following folk recipes for controlling the disease, which have alcohol in their composition. It is better to consult the doctor, or you may worsen the whole situation. Even if the agent does not cause a deterioration of the disease, it can have a negative impact on the state of the liver or gastrointestinal tract.

It should also be careful following folk recipes for controlling the disease, which have alcohol in their composition. It is better to consult the doctor, or you may worsen the whole situation. Even if the agent does not cause a deterioration of the disease, it can have a negative impact on the state of the liver or gastrointestinal tract.

Can we work with bronchial asthma?

Asthma imposes a number of restrictions on human employment opportunities in some specialties, the specifics of which may provoke an attack and worsen the patient’s condition. These are types of activity where a person inhales dust and other substances:

  • Construction jobs (bricklayer, plasterer, painter).
  • Work on the chemical industry
  • Conductors and flight attendants.
  • Pilots and air traffic controllers.
  • Electricians.
  • Loaders.
  • Drivers.
  • Road workers.
  • Workers at furniture factories and others.

You can try yourself in the following professions:

  • Seller.
  • Tourism manager.
  • Accountant.
  • Lawyer.
  • Designer.
  • Editor and others.
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There are controversial professions, for example, the librarian, who can face the dust on the books. It is important to consult a doctor who knows a particular picture of human disease. He will be able to advise where the patient may try to get a job. If a person is not allergic to dust, he is quite able to work as a librarian, and if the body reacts to the chemical stuffs neutrally – a medical professional.

In severe cases a person may be recognized as invalid, who needs to pass a special commission, which confirms serious violations of the body caused by disease.

To get a disability the patient should go through social expertise. But before that he need to do tests. Next stage is that you need to come to the doctor with a document about the passage of all the experts and the results of analyzes. And the patient will get a direction to the Commission, where the patient may be given disability group. The Commission announces he final verdict, but even this decision can be challenged in court.

Can I visit sauna with bronchial asthma?

Sauna and a bathhouse have a positive effect on the state of the bronchi, that ibathing procedures are recommended for asthmatics. saunaHigh temperature
irritates airway receptors, increases oxygen consumption, improves ventilation,
reduces risk of developing respiratory illnesses, improves the function of cardiovascular system.

However the patient should get the approval of the doctor, as in some cases sauna or bathhouse may harm: in acute diseases; during the attack; in case of complications of inflammatory nature. Usually bath is recommended in cases of light asthma attacks.Pediatric patients get a special benefit from it.
There are some tips on visiting a sauna or a bathhouse for asthmatics: use eucalyptus brooms, dilute a few drops of eucalyptus oil in three liters of water and place this mixure on stones in the steam room.

Can we smoke in case of bronchial asthma?

Despite the asthma attacks that occur after one smoked cigarette, some patients are so indifferent to their health that continue to smoke. smokingOf course, the disease can be initially caused by another factor, for example, unfavorable working conditions or allergies, but smoking knocks out the weakened body. Passive smoking is also counted.

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The tobacco effect on the body:
The toxic components of cigarettes are strong allergens.When smoke enters the lungs, the airways are getting narrowed. This may cause shortness of breath and even choking. Asthmatics’ bronchial tubes are violated, that is why such problems may appear.
If you are diagnosed with a “bronchial asthma“, you should quit you harmful habit as soon as possible, as it may do enormous harm to your already poor health. Smoking complicates the course of the disease and will provoke frequent asthma attacks. Besides, smoking people are at greater risk of contracting infectious diseases, and that is not a plus for asthma. Smoking is extremely harmful even for people without chronic diseases, this habit can be deadly for asthmatics!

Can I put mustard pluster to relieve asthma symptoms?

Due to mustard plasters activity bronchi are getting heated, that is why it is possible to get a spasm and, as a consequence, a suffocation. Therefore mustard pluster can not be used in case of bronchial asthma, they will only aggravate the situation and cause an attack of the disease. Such heatings are to be avoided!

Can asthmatics get a driving license?driving

There is a list of diseases where driving is prohibited. But these lists are different in their composition for every vehicle. If we talk about asthma, you can not drive vehicles when you have a severe stage of this disease. You can get permissio in mild stage and in the absence of such attacks, but you must undergo an annual medical examination, which confirms the absence of deterioration. Being an asthmatic you may only get a permission to drive a car, motorcycles are generally forbidden.

Such serious pathology like chronic asthma entails significant changes in the everyday life and habits of the person. You can not dismiss it, otherwise the body may not forgive such a negligent attitude. But if all the rules and regulations prescribed by the doctor are followed, you may live quite a normal life and enjoy your every day in spite of the disease!