How to deal with Bronchial Asthma?

There are several methods how to cope with bronchial asthma one of which is asthma inhalers online such as Ventolin, Proventil, Flovent and Advair. There are also several reasons becoming a cause of asthma attacks appearance. We cannot predicate asthma appearance but we do get to know more about this disorder and find way out from this difficult problem. Asthma Inhalers Online carries out investigation revealing main aspects of asthma and its treatment.

My Home is my Castle

Bronchial asthma is an inflammatory disease of bronchial tubes, which develops in contact with allergens entering the body from air. The most common cause of suffocation attacks are house dust mites, animal dander, pollen and mold spores. Therefore, patients with asthma should be possible to limit contact with these allergens.

Let’s start with household. The apartment should be no objects that collect dust: thick curtains, carpets, stuffed animals, books on shelves. Unfortunately, in cozy bedroom with thingies and pads – the wrong option for person suffering from bronchial asthma. It is most suitable “spartan conditions”: floor covered with linoleum or laminate flooring and iron bed. Not glamorous, yes. But ensure health.

Pillow and blanket must be synthetic, they should be regularly washed at a temperature not lower than 60 degrees, and in winter it should be made cold. Cotton, wool and feather bedding, first of all, can themselves be a source of allergens, and secondly, there quickly infest house dust mites. They feed by desquamated epithelium, and not only anthropic, but also dog, and cat, so that pets – additional risk factor, regardless of whether the patient is allergic to their fur or not.

In the world there is a whole industry of products for allergy sufferers, there are specialty stores where you can buy acaricides (agents for control of mites) – these funds are added to the powder for washing, cleaning, used in the form of sprays. There are allergy covers on furniture and pillows, vacuum cleaner with a special filter, which traps mite allergens (they are of microscopic size as a result conventional cleaners can not cope with them). It should also monitor the level of humidity in the apartment – so it was about 50%. Pincers like when the combination with damp and heat is present, therefore their activity is maximal at the beginning and end of heating season. But we must not arrange “overdried” room: low humidity is an indicator of the airways become accessible for all allergens.

Flora and Fauna

The presence of pets at home can be one of the “instigators” of asthma attacks. Many hope that with time they will “get used” and will no longer respond to pet. Unfortunately, this is misconception. If a person reacts to wool, or epithelium of the dog or cat, the only reliable way of preventing attacks is to avoid contact with these allergens. And it is not enough in this case, just to render an animal – it is necessary to clean all the house, to deliver clothes to dry-cleaning. For example, cat allergens are very stable, can be stored in the apartment up to two (!!!) years.

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It is not recommended to keep the aquarium in bedroom … and even houseplants. food for fish can become a “food” for pincers, and spores of fungi – they are kept in pots with flowers.

Well, when the housing thoroughly ventilated, but trees and grass pollen season can enter through the windows in the apartment and become a component of house dust, especially if the apartment is located in lower floors. It is dangerous for those patients who respond to pollen.

In general, flowering season is a serious test for asthma. Trees “produce dust” in April-May, grass – in June and July, weeds – in August and September.It does not cost anything for pollen to fly dozens and sometimes hundreds of kilometers. The concentration of it in the air is especially high in the morning, dry windy conditions, thunderstorms. Before thunderstorms can be increased up to 12 times!

So, if you have the opportunity to coincide with holidays to the peak of flowering, it is best to leave this place. Thus it is necessary to change the climate zone, not just to drive off at 100-200 km.

Dangers of Big City

Periodically go to the mountains or to the sea, and it is important for lungs enrichment with oxygen, preventing asthma attacks. Even a 2-week holiday will bring more benefit. Just you may avoid sudden temperature changes – no need to go “from minus 30 to plus 30”, and is not desirable that resort climate was too humid (tropical or subtropical) or too dry.

In order not to provoke asthma attack, it is necessary not to lose vigilant. It is especially important to be always on the alert to residents of mega policies, which are constantly inhale “waste products” of big city – exhaust gases. These substances may cause allergic reactions themselves and also perform on the mucous membranes and damage them making more accessible for allergens. Many asthmatics have nonspecific bronchial reactivity – that is, a spasm, shortness of breath in response to non-allergenic stimuli: abrupt temperature shift, pungent smells, physical activity, stress. So if, for example, in your entryway it is started a repair, it is better at this time to go somewhere, so as not to provoke an attack, although the paint itself may not be an allergen for you.

Contrary to popular stereotypes, asthma and exercises are not only possible, but also very useful! Swimming in pool, athletics, cycling – all contribute to respiratory muscles development. It is necessary not less than twice a week exercising. And, of course, pay attention to the place of training: lessons in a small dusty gym or outside in the flowering period can have the opposite effect.Asthma Inhaler

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Saving Asthma Inhaler

Formula preventing asthma attacks: “The correct way of life, plus adequate drug therapy.”
If the disease is mild, a special permanent cure is not necessary, it is sufficient, if necessary, to use bronchodilators drugs in form of inhalation. Here are Asthma Inhalers Online recommends you the following medications:

In moderate and severe asthma forms drugs are used, which not only enhance bronchi condition, but possess anti-inflammatory action, as the basis for asthma attacks development is always allergic inflammation. These drugs should be used regularly and for a long time, sometimes for years, but they can be used to achieve full control over the symptoms of the disease, to make attacks are extremely rare. Usually hormonal inhalers appointed as a permanent therapy. You do not need to be afraid of such drugs. When used properly, steroids are the most effective medication and does not have pronounced side effects.

Another method of treatment is a specific immunotherapy. It is identified the most significant groups of allergens that trigger acute asthma attacks, and are administered subcutaneously or in the form of sublingual drops, starting with very small doses. So they are trying to “trick” the immune system. This method is used in patients over 5 years also with a steady, no severe disease and when there is an opportunity to choose some most significant allergen.
If, despite treatment, asthma exacerbations are frequent and difficult to stop – then you come across with wrong treatment methods.

Remember: There is no need for people suffering from asthma to comply with some special diet if they have no food allergies. It is important to just eat sensibly, do not overeat, not to add obesity to asthma.

Important: In the city pollen is more aggressive than in the countryside. In a mega policies combustion products and other harmful micro-particles is joining to it. They facilitate the penetration of pollen through the mucosa and increase its allergenicity.

Treating Asthma with Menstrual Cycle and Pregnancy

  • Some women find that their asthma is exacerbated during menstruation. Women with severe asthma notice that symptoms worsen just before or during menstrual periods.
  • The attack is caused by drugs used for pain relief.
  • Paracetamol does not cause problems.
  • Oral contraceptives do not have an impact on asthma condition.

Asthma During Pregnancy

asthma-and-pregnancyIt is important to continue to take asthma medicine during pregnancy.

The condition may improve, worsen or remain the same. In acute need to increase the impact, it is recommended to carry out consultation with doctor.
Asthma Inhalers during pregnancy will not harm the child. Moreover, it would be best if you are able to breathe well and easily.
A very small number of women with severe asthma need to take steroid tablets during pregnancy. This increases likelihood that baby will be born underweight. However, the risk for a child to face with uncontrolled asthma will be much greater. To find out what will be better for you and your future child will help to answer the doctor.

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Reducing Likelihood of Asthma in Child

The best thing that can make the pregnant woman to prevent the development of disease in child, does not smoke or gives up smoking. To refrain from cigarettes is even more important if your family has predisposition to this disease.
There is no evidence directed to reduce disease’s likelihood when changing the diet during pregnancy and lactation period.
When there is an allergy to certain foods it should be avoided consumption of these products.
It is important to inform the doctor or midwife about all mentioned above aspects.


If you are able to breastfeed during the first months, reduced likelihood of developing allergic diseases, including asthma is observed.
Avoid the use for cracked nipples treatment oils containing peanut. The child may develop an allergy.
Inhaled drugs do not penetrate into breast milk. Even if you need to take steroid pills, a small amount of drug passes into breast milk but producing no harmful effect on the child.

Keep your baby away from cigarette smoke. This will reduce the risk of asthma or sudden death in infancy.

Menopause Period

Menopause affects asthma appearance, because hormone levels change.
The use of steroid tablets or high doses of inhaled steroids for several years increases the risk of osteoporosis (disease that affects bones strength).
This risk is decreased if you use a volume spacers, rinse the mouth after inhalation, and a diet high in calcium.

As you can see there are several methods to get rid of severe asthma attacks. We cannot take under control rapid tempo of life, worsening environment and air pollution but we can make everything possible for our body to eliminate anything provoked by mentioned above factors. Asthma Inhalers Online recommends you to spend more time outside because it is the only way to saturate your lungs with oxygen – clean and fresh.

Do not neglect any pieces of advice giving by your personal doctor, he tries to work out the most balanced method to eliminate asthma. And you may buy Ventolin, Proventil, Flovent and Advair via Asthma Inhalers Online but before application it is better to consult the doctor. Only doctor may define the exact dosage directed to arrest asthma attacks. It is not recommended to increase or decrease dosage by yourself. Self-medication is the worst method to overcome your asthma attacks.