Stress: A Serious Asthma Trigger

Stress is an integral part of modern life. The more you are nervous, the harder it becomes to breathe, there is wheezing and coughing. Is there a connection between stress and asthma attacks?

Yes, scientists say. Though stress does not cause asthma, it can worsen the condition of people who are already suffering from this disease. During periods of stress and anxiety, asthma attacks occur more frequently, and it becomes more difficult to control the disease. In fact, stress can make the disease more severe.
Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the airways. Like any disease, it requires immediate treatment to prevent new attacks and breathe freely.

What happens when a person with asthma is under stress?

stressesScientists have documented a number of stressful situations that have been associated with symptoms of asthma: exams, public speaking, family conflict, national calamities and violence. Stress affects the physical condition of the person, that is why the disease control becomes impossible.

First of all, stress and anxiety can cause physiological changes which, in turn, provoke asthma attacks. During strong stresses there is a development of large number of substances such as histamine and leukotriene, which narrow airways. Besides, in a stressful situation, a person can simply forget his asthma medicine. Stress reactions weaken the body’s ability to resist cold and respiratory infections. Viral infections is another obvious cause of asthma aggravation.

How to manage asthma and stress?

The diagnosis of asthma is already a stress. A person does not know when and where he will be stroken by another attack and that would be the cause. In addition, the stress is just an inevitable part of modern life. However, experts say: is you want to habe less problems with asthma, iti is enough to reduce the level of stress and anxiety in your life. How to do it?

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Identify the main (personal) reasons for concern, understand what you are concerned about more often:

  • financial problems;
  • relationship problems;
  • lack of social support;
  • too hectic work schedule;
  • lack of time.

All this should be corrected. If you can not find solutions to these issues on your own, seek a professional advice.

Delegate responsibilities. Stop being a perfectionist and let others take over some of the workload. Make a list of tasks, responsibilities to others, teach them to do the work and give clear, individual instructions with the designation of the implementation deadlines. This does not mean that it is necessary to explain step by step (only if necessary) – let others do the work in their own way and express appreciation.

Do not forget the reasonable exercises. Training is a great way to relieve stress.

Get enough sleep. Tired people are not able to cope with stress.

Learn relaxation exercises: learn how to breathe correctly, relax the muscles properly, ignore the negative thoughts. All these simple activities – in fact – is a great tool for stress relief.

How to cope with anxiety during an asthma attack?

calm downSometimes, feeling the beginning of the attack, the man starts breathing heavily. This can lead to the fact that dismay turns into panic.

  • always keep at hand the means prescribed by a physician or a phone number where you can quickly ask for help. Usually asthmatics are prescribed inhalers (Ventolin, Advair, Proventil, Flovent). Study a wide assortment of Asthma Inhalers Online;
  • make sure you know the plan of your actions in the case of an attack (discuss it with a doctor);
  • asthma attack usually lasts 5-10 minutes. If this does not occur within 15 minutes or gets worse – urgently seek a medical help.
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Another great (and worse – permanent) stress for people with asthma is the fear of their illness preventing them from living a normal life. Youcan’t live with this fear – it is necessary to consult a doctor to get rid of that feeling and get the disease under control. When the disease is under a proper control, people do not live in fear. Knowledge is the power and a careful attention to your ailment is a way to live a full life.