People suffering from bronchial asthma can have the usual for most people lifestyle. But can they combine bronchial asthma and alcohol? It is known that the next attack can be triggered by various factors: infection, excessive tension, stress and so on. And can alcohol provoke it? We will try to find out if there is harm of alcohol in case of asthma.

Bronchial asthma is also called the disease of civilization, since in recent decades the number of people suffering from this disease have increased. Some people suffer from asthma from childhood, while others develop the disease beeing an adult or in old age, especially if the person has bad immune system, and as complications, he develops diseases of the upper respiratory tract: bronchitis, tracheobronchitis. If the person does not address the doctor and does not go through the required treatment, the probability of occurrence of asthma is increasing. Thus, these diseases become chronic, bronchial asthma may be developed on thei background.asthma and alcohol2

In the development of the disease a major role is played by both external and internal factors. External factors include the following:

Condition of the bronchi at asthma:

  • allergens (dust, the irritating smells, pollen and so on);
  • infections;
  • viruses;
  • chemical irritants;
  • mechanical irritants;
  • stresses;
  • larger exercise stresses.

Internal factors are the following: defects of the immune and endocrine systems, disturbance of a reactivity of bronchi, genetic predisposition (heredity) and others.

Periodic attacks are typical for this disease and may occure suddenly. If there is no inhaler near at hand to relieve symptoms of an attack, the life of the asthmatic can be in danger.

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How asthmatics should choose food and drinks?

Approximate diet in case of asthma.
As bronchial asthma (read more) is a chronical disease which accompanies the person all his life, such people should be very careful at the choice of food and drinks. It is necessary to try avoiding the goods containing artificial stains, fragrances and so on. Alcoholic beverages also may be referred to that group of goods which can do much harm to asthmatics.

Alcohol has no direct influence on respiratory organs, however there are nuances in everything. The alcohol which is contained in such drinks walls quickly gets into a blood through digestive tract, thus forming toxic substances which, in turn, poison the whole organism. Thus, this is an excessive load on the patient’s organism. So it is necessary to refuse alcohol so that treatment of this disease could be more successful. During holidays or other significant events the person should be very accurate at its dosage and choose those drinks which contain alcohol at the smallest amount.

Besides, alcoholic beverages are incompatible with the most part of medicines which are prescribed as treatment of this disease.

Rules for asthmatics

alcohol and asthmaYou should understand that not only alcoholic beverages can aggravate a disease.

It is necessary to avoid contact with pollen. Even houseplants have to be on special control in the house of the asthmatic. In a situation when the person is an extreme plants-lover, experts allow to keep only those which never blossom.

Try to avoid acute respiratory viral infection and upper respiratory infection. Colds can develop a complication of a clinical condition of the asthmatic. Therefore during a season of colds and especially epidemics, the patient having this disease needs to avoid places with a big crowds of people.

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Try to exclude contact with pets because hair of animals is a strongest allergen. Asthmatics must not be in one room with animals as it may cause the strongest attack.

Influence of alcohol on the organism

Follow strict rules at the choice of various objects and materials. Feather pillows, woolen blankets are forbidden for asthmatics. Experts advise to get pillows with a silicone excipient. At the choice of clothes it is necessary to be very attentive: asthmatics should refuse down-padded coats, sweaters from wool and natural fur coats. It is possible to replace these materials with modern, very qualitative synthetics. It is also necessary to refuse pillows and woolen blankets in favor of hypoallergenic materials, for example, hollofayber.

If possible avoid stresses and rushes. Intensive exercises are forbidden (especially for unprepared people).

If possible exclude contacts with household chemicals (or put on a mask and gloves during the work with such substances), dust, aromatizing agents and other allergens.

Under the influence of alcohol protective functions of immunity decrease, there are problems with a digestive tract. Abuse of such drinks can provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases, not only bronchial asthma. Reduction of protective functions of the immune system is one of the main causes of alcohol refusal at this disease.

At frequent alcohol consumption the blood becomes more dense, in this regard the risk of emergence of thrombi is enlarged.

Due to disability of lungs saturation, oxygen starvation arises, along with the risk of attacks emergence.

is very difficult to define precisely what amount of alcohol will be safe, because it is very individually for each person.alcoholPossible consequences of of such drinks comsumption:

  1. Risk of allergies developing.
  2. Attacks emergence.
  3. Side effects at thr medicines administration.
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It is necessary to remember the drugs accepted for this disease treatment. Usually these are the drugs containing hormones which aren’t compatible with alcohol. Not only allergic reactions may apper, but also dyspnea attacks, endangering the patient’s life.

Also it is necessary to treat folk remedies very careful: most of doctors use alcohol as a treatment for this illness, and bronchial asthma and alcohol are often not compatible. Specialists don’t recommend to refer to such ways of treatment.

We hope we answered the question of the article. Let us aslo introduce you some information concerning most popular asthma medications. Oral taking of the drugs is now most popularfor asthma attacks fighting. The devices used during such procedures are called inhalers.
For sure you need to find inhaler and medications suitable for you. Let us indroduce you the example of most populal asthma device: Salbutamol is a product of the USA. It was invented in 1980, for this medicine the brand name was used: «Ventolin». As you know human body has a large number of variousreceptors, but the drug acts directly on beta-2-receptors. Besides Albuterol does not only help in case of respiratory illnesses, it causes thermogenic effect. That is why many sportsmen take this drug for burning their excess fat.