What is Asthma and how to Fight against It?

Everything starts just as the most common cold or viral infection that knocks you off your feet every spring, when the weather hates not at the first harm. Only instead of having to disappear during a couple of weeks, cold suddenly turns into a strange intermittent discomfort: you can enjoy life for several days, and then everything goes into a terrible fit of coughing, torturing lungs. This often happens at night or after exercise. It is asthma, which, allergist may define this state by oxygen level in blood and breathing performance, after about three months treatment from bronchitis.
In recent years, cases of bronchial asthma, including adults, are observed much more frequent.

For example, even in prosperous for four years in the United States of America, number of patients has increased by 40%. Nearly 15 million of Americans suffer from this incurable disease, and despite new and effective medicines from asthma they continue to die – in the United States about 5,000 people a year. Over the past 30 years found that women is more likely to develop asthma than men, they are more in need of emergency care during acute attacks, and more likely to die.

What causes asthma attacks appearance? Most of the citizens spend 90% of time in a poorly ventilated homes and offices, where it is accumulated a lot of dust. The probability of catching asthma is high in people coming out of high school to work. Moving to a new residence may also increase the risk of: changing the situation, you are exposed to new attacks allergens.Asthma

Allergy caused by a new place of living can appear within three years. Recent studies have also confirmed that another important cause of asthma is smoking. The fact that smoking is very common among women, perhaps explains the high percentage of female asthma.

What is asthma? When the sensory fibers of lower respiratory tract adequately respond to the invasion of various stimuli (even such innocuous as a cold air), white blood cells rush to the “alarming” area, forming an inflammatory substance that causes swelling and makes breathing difficult. The patient has difficulties not with inhaling but with exhaling air that sometimes comes out of lungs with wheezing. Breathing with the characteristic hissing sound has long been considered a sign of asthma. In fact, studies show that this is not always an indicator of asthma.

For example, at cough-variant asthma, breathing is not accompanied by whistles, and as a result patients are often misdiagnosed – cold or bronchitis. Wheezing symptom may not indicated as asthma, but emphysema, or heart failure. Young people with whistling breath is often mistaken for asthma which is very common dysfunction of vocal cords. And when such patients do not feel any benefit from asthma medications, they are often written in “malignant asthmatics”, and sometimes they are doomed for years to take strong medicine with equally powerful side effects. Any suspecting for asthma must be confirmed by spirometry. The patient breathes into the phone and computer records the maximum power at maximum exhalation breath; if there is a suspicion of asthma, spirometry is performed with pre-bronchodilator inhalation drug.

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Spirometry is the most reliable method of diagnosis, allowing to cut off the wrong assumptions and identify the line of further surveys. Despite the fact that asthma is virtually incurable even in the most difficult cases, patients can lead a normal life. With proper treatment, stabilizing lung function may prevent from repeated asthma attacks appearance. It is more likely, however, that airways inflammation happens when there are too strong stimuli – beginning with paint smell and ending with intense exercise. What drugs to take? – Asthma Inhalers Online answers – when it is necessary to reduce asthma symptoms and prevent asthma attacks, the most important medication – corticosteroid inhalers such as Canadian Ventolin, Flovent, Canadian Proventil or Advair inhalers. In contrast to the short-inhalers used for a short one-time relief, corticosteroid are used regularly. In response to widespread concern that these drugs have strong side effects (up to glaucoma and cataracts), doctors explained that when drug inhalation only affects lungs, without prejudice to body as a whole.Spirometry

Steroids intake is recommended in severe cases, but patients can switch to inhalers immediately after inflammation removal. Those at whom asthma occurs in a mild form, can use the inhalers – periodically – during cold or possible contact with allergens. Fast medications, expand the bronchi, used during asthma attacks. Such drugs only relieve asthma attacks. Using the same “long-lasting effect” drugs reduce the frequency of asthma symptoms and helps patients to avoid the use of high-speed continuous medication. Even the strongest medications do not cure asthma. However, if you use them, possibility of fatal cases is significantly reduced. Doctors insist that every patient, in addition to oral doctor’s prescriptions should correctly follow instructions for drug’s use (without that 50% of doctors and 90% of patients make mistakes in the use of drugs).

People with asthma should make everything to attend a specialist at least once a year.

Examine your asthma. Hypothermia, exercise, exhaust gas and food preservatives – are just a few common causes for asthma attacks appearance. However, each patient has their own specific allergens. Food and pollen rarely provoke asthma attacks in adults, but aerobic exercise may well lead to the fact that you start to choke. In this case, you must consult a doctor immediately.

Try to avoid cold and dry air. In winter inside physical activities should be excluded. It is better to go for a swim in the pool instead of jogging or cycling. Maintain overall body tone. Strengthening muscles has favorable effect on the heart and lungs. If you can not avoid exposure to allergen, consult your doctor and make arrangements in advance.

Many women have increased asthma symptoms before menstruation due to hormone level fluctuations. If medication usually helps you suddenly become ineffective, you will also need to consult a specialist. Anyone can be deprived of courage after news that the disease is considered to be incurable, and we must not forget about drugs. But it is much worse than the feeling of helplessness that overtakes a person during a seizure, if he just does not see a doctor and do not know what medicine should be taken.

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Medicine for Asthma during pregnancy. Since fetus development depends on the oxygen supply, the correct medication is especially important during pregnancy. The untimely and uncontrolled treatment can lead to delayed development and fetus impairments. Visit your doctor as soon as you learn about pregnancy, and even better – in advance. Medicines for asthma are not all useful, and doctor will help you choose the safest. Attend your personal doctor every month – you may need to change the dose or medication itself. It is better to consult several specialists to clear out this question properly.
Asthma attack triggers may be:

  1. small pincers that live in mattresses, pillows, carpets, upholstered furniture and they perfectly reproduce in all areas of dust accumulation – especially in humid climates. To get rid of tick, keep the humidity in the room less than 50% in the winter and summer use air-conditioning. Take out of room carpets and upholstered furniture, put a pillow on the allergen-impermeable pillow covers, wash bedding at least once a week in hot water;pets
  2. pets – cats, dogs, rodents and even birds. If you can not part from your beloved cat or hamster, at least do not let them in into the bathroom and room with upholstered furniture and carpets. Studies have shown that, even if every day you will bathe the unfortunate animal with antibacterial shampoo, allergens from it will not disappear;
  3. cockroaches – achieve their complete destruction;
  4. mold – once a year, change the air conditioner filter. Dry in straightened form of a shower curtain. At the first sign of mold hang a new one. Wash bath or shower bleach at least once in three months.

Asthma Inhalers Online https://onlineasthmainhalers.com decides to explain you main facts about asthma to explain this disease in all the details.

9 Facts about Asthma

  1. Asthma is a chronic disease that is characterized by recurrent attacks of breathlessness and wheezing. This is the most common chronic disease among children. According to the World Health Organization, currently 300 million people suffer from asthma. In 2005, 255 000 people died because of asthma. If urgent measures are not taken, over the next 10 years the number of cases of asthma-related deaths will increase by almost 20%. Asthma can not be cured, but, thanks to the timely diagnosis and treatment, it is possible to achieve stable remission.
  2. Asthma can be prevented. Newborns whose relatives suffer from this disease do not have to breathe cigarette smoke and contact with house dust mites, cats and cockroaches. All this will only contribute to asthma development. Frequent contact with the pollen, tobacco smoke, and especially mold can also be a cause of suffocation. In addition, asthma can be provoked by cold air, emotional excitement, for example, fear or anger, as well as enhanced exercise and even medication.
  3. Drink fat milk. Scientists have been studying the different ways of this aspect on 3000 children up to 2 years old. As a result, it was found that daily consumption of milk fat, butter, brown bread and thereby reduces asthma incidence. Some experts explain this by the fact that dairy products are comprised of high in fatty acids, antioxidants and other beneficial trace elements.
  4. It turns out that hospitalization frequency of patients with asthma, depends from their sex. In early childhood, boys are hospitalized twice often in comparison with girls. But after 20 years, the picture is changing, and women need to be hospitalized in two and a half times more often than men.
  5. The researchers found that psychological problems, which have in some children when communicating with parents and other relatives in the first years of life, several times increase the risk of asthma development. Thus, 28% of asthmatic children, more than two thirds are grown under conditions of constant stress. According to some foreign researchers, frequent colds reduce the risk of asthma in children. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers of the University of Arizona, who for fifteen years have monitored thousands of children. The risk of developing asthma is by almost two times less than in those children who are in the first six months of his life were in a nursery or have older brothers and sisters. Scientists explained by the fact that these children from an early age are faced with a large number of microbes. Frequent contact with viruses and bacteria stimulate the proper development of immune system.
  6. Natural childbirth is better. British scientists who were engaged in analyses of influence complications during labour, found caesarean section increases the risk of asthma by 38 percent.
  7. Chlorine risk factor. Chlorine, which is cleaned and disinfected pool water in them – one of the reasons for the sharp increase of asthma in children, which is observed in the last thirty years. Experts say that children who several times a week attend swimming pool with chlorinated water, causing harm to themselves the same as smokers. Therefore, among the professional swimmers there are so many asthmatics.
  8. Heredity plays a great role. The stories described cases, when both of identical twins suffered from bronchial asthma. Most cases of asthma in children occur in clinical practice, mothers who have asthma; or cases in several generations of the same family. As a result of clinical and genetic analysis revealed that 1/3 of patients with the disease is hereditary. There is a term atopic asthma – allergic asthma, has a hereditary character. In this case, the presence of asthma in one of the parents provoking asthma likelihood in a child is 20-30%, and if both parents are sick, this probability reaches to 75%.
  9. Keep a healthy lifestyle. Studies in France, Mexico, Chile, the UK, Italy, have shown that people who use herbal products, juices, rich in vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, tend to have a more favorable course of asthma. In turn, the use of animal by-products that are rich in fats, proteins and refined in carbohydrate, provoke severe disease course and frequent asthma exacerbations.
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