Am I at Risk for a Fatal Asthma Attack?

Everyone who have ever experienced asthma is afraid of asking: “Can you die from asthma attack?” This is possible due to the sudden asthma attack and asthmatic complications. Asthma Inhalers Online enumerates the factors which influence the disease aggravation and explain how to carry out treatment of the patient with asthma to keep his life on.Is It Possible to Die of Asthma?

How to Live with Asthma?

It is possible to live with asthma, but in that case that you keep it under constant control. This includes:

  • Timely diagnosis;
  • regular pulmonology consultations;
  • correct treatment program and medication.

Asthma, as a respiratory disease, is known for dangerous attacks of breathlessness and a significant accumulation of phlegm in the bronchial area. The first point can cause death within 2-3 minutes, as access of oxygen to the brain is blocked. All other systems of the body are disabled. in case of short attacks of breathlessness a person experiences anoxia.

It is dangerous and you should take into account:

  • Due to anoxia certain areas of the brain may cease to function properly;
  • receptors are disconnected, some of which can be “launched”, but 60% of them do not recover;
  • violation of some organs, the position of the patient is worsening.

If we talk about the congestion of phlegm in the bronchial area, this condition is dangerous due to progressive worsening of respiration, appearance of puffiness and change of the affected area size. The situation is considered severe. This form of complication is less dangerous than asthma, but also must be controlled by a pulmonologist.

How to prevent death from asthma?

inhalersIn order to know how to live with asthma and exclude a death possibility, you should consult your doctor. Preventive and curative measures are selected for each asthmatic individually. They depend on the following criteria:

  1. Age of the patient;
  2. his social status;
  3. duration of asthmatic disease;
  4. presence or absence of complications.
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Pulmonologists pay attention that the correct asthma treatment, a healthy lifestyle and constant monitoring of disease enable a person to live 20-30 years.

To cope with bouts of breathlessness or accumulation of mucus in the bronchi is possible with the help of inhalers, nebulizers, bronchodilators and other means (Ventolin, Advair, Proventil), which you may buy online at Asthma Inhalers Online. This treatment will help to avoid the consequences of critical diseases, which are the leading cause of death among asthmatic patients.

Critical asthma effects

There are a lot of serious and threatening consequences of asthma, which may be fatal:

  • Pulmonary heart and emphysema;
  • acute respiratory failure – a person may live no more than 1-2 months;
  • hypoxia of the brain – the situation is assessed as the most serious;
  • kidney disease and other types of diseases, aggravating the situation.

They are formed at the last stage of asthma development and provoke the body’s total defeat. Asthmatics can not comply with the optimal degree of physical activity, and that leads to the following consequence: a critical lack of exercise. Combined with bronchial asthma, aggravated by the condition, it may trigger hormonal and other failures. Their treatment is not effective due to the fact that the asthmatic is not in a condition to constantly treat himself on his own. However, you can hold a special consultation.

Heart problems, emerging 5-7 years after formation of the pathology may be also considered a critical consequence. In this case age is important. Heart problems are progressing in asthmatics over the age of 50-55. A patient needs to know everything about a fatal asthma attack prevention and treatment to eliminate death from asthma

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How to cope with an asthma attack?

supportThe situation of an asthmatic is compounded by the possibility of asphyxiation, which even minor allergens may provoke: dust, pollen, animal dander. In some cases noise, cigarette smoke or car exhaust also may aggravate the situation. It is important to know how long an asthma attack will last how to provide assistance to the asthmatic, even when the situation is assessed as the most difficult.

You need to carry an inhaler or drugs that extend the bronchial lumen. Inhales are considered more effective in this case. Their benefits are the following:

  • Medication get directly into the airway, bypassing all other organs and effect the problem area;
  • an ability to carry the device with you;
  • a convenient form of the device;
  • easy to use.

This will reduce the possibility of death from asthma to a minimum and allow an asthmatic to constantly control his health. The next point Asthma Inhalers Online would like to pay attention to is the risk of sudden death and its reasons.

How does asthma cause death?

A patient with a bronchial asthma can suddenly die. This may happen due to a sudden attack or at the activation of the complications which were previously held under the control. 70% of cases of sudden patients’ death happen due to a heart attack or a stroke.

Sudden asthma attacks at night are also dangerous. In this case, an asthmatic suddenly wakes up, losing the ability to breathe. Note that this does not happen, if we carry out a competent and correct treatment of disease, as well as diagnostics. On this condition the risk of a sudden death is minimal.

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Asthma deaths among infants

sad parentsThe most serious and sad problem is mortality cases if asthmatic children. They are not associated with critical complications mentioned earlier. Children death from asthma is provoked the following phenomena:

  • An unexpected night asthma attack when the situation is assessed as severe;
  • a debut attack, prior to which the parents were unaware of the disease;
  • excessive accumulation of phlegm in the bronchial region, triggering hypoxia and infection of adjacent organs.

Asthma symptoms in children indicate a high susceptibility to allergens. Therefore, pulmonologists recommend eliminate precipitating factors, conduct a conversation with the child, so that he could understand how difficult his situation is.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the use of medicinal ingredients at asthma is unacceptable, so people use other additional methods. All of them should be agreed with the therapist or physician.

Preventative measures are important

One of the effective ways to deal with asthma death is preventative activities. They aim to reduce aggressive symptoms, strengthen respiratory muscles and recover the organism this may be achieved within 1-2 months.

  • Prevention is optimized through medicinal components;
  • Activities involve a healthy diet (predominant use of seasonal fruits and vegetables), except of harmful habits and maintaining an active lifestyle. This task will be difficult for 50-years-old asthmatics, but it helps to live 20-30 years more;
  • It is recommended to visit a massage therapist or to conduct independent procedures, pay attention to breathing exercises;
  • You should regularly ventilate the house and 100% eliminate exposure to allergens.

In this case, prevention will help to cope with asthma attacks, which will allow living as long as possible and keep 100% of vitality, escaping a death from asthma.