Myths about Asthma

Myth 1. The main thing is rub through children’s age and after puberty asthma may pass off.

Of course, it happens that teenagers cease to choke at the age of 14-16, but in several years asthma flashes with a new force. Asthma doesn’t disappear anywhere, this is a chronic disease. Once manifested, asthma grows and matures together with the person. And insufficient and not systematic treatment in the childhood can lead to the fact that asthma in general will get out of control , during puberty period and it will be difficult to solve a problem even by means of strong medicament agents.

As a rule, boys have periods of long remission more often. Female sex hormones badly affect the course of this illness.children and asthma

Asthmatic children should be properly treated without sparing money for medications and this should be the most modern drugs. It is important that you consult the doctor at what time it is the best time to accept drugs. It is necessary to follow spirometric control regularly and to introduce amendments in the supporting therapy courses timely. Only this way you can provide future and happy life to the child.

Myth 2. Asthma is a hereditary disease.

If your kid has prolonged cough, which keeps on longer than 3 weeks after acute respiratory viral infection, especially if we speack of night cough, constant hack for no apparent reason and especially such diagnosis as chronic bronchitis, then it is worth taking him to the doctor and to check whether there is a possbility of asthma beginning.
Really, if parents or close relatives have asthma, perhaps, children will also have it. But it is not the fact. Not asthma, but predisposition to this disease may devolve. There are children with asthma and absolutely healthy parents, also there may be a couple of twins in which only one is having asthma.

If in a family has at least one asthmatic, it is necessary to watch carefully your child and to show him to a good expert at the first doubts. Timely carried out diagnostics may seriously help you to control the illness.

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Myth 3. Asthma and allergy are twin brothers.

Allergy has nothing to do in this case. Allergy is more like an accompanying burden aggravating asthma, provoking its attacks. Though it is not clear up to the end. At the moment the exact reason of asthma is unknown and the list of factors, causing or aggravating the disease, may include practically everything: from adverse seasonal conditions to an allergy to cockroaches.

In relation of a diet we may tell unambiguously: it has to be rather high-calorie, digestible, whenever possible without animal fats and only from natural products.

It is desirable exclude smoked products, sausages and canned food. Sulfites and nitrates which delicacies with preservatives contain may worsen the course of bronchial asthma.

Drinks and lemonades on the basis of extracts and essences aren’t recommended too.alcohol1

Alcohol intake is absolutely excluded.

There were cases of “restaurant asthma”, when asthmatics got to resuscitation even after not really plentiful repast.

Patients with aspirinovy intolerance have to keep strict diet especially. Salycylates – aspirin analogs – are contained in many foodstuff – especially in berries, fruit and vegetables: from apples to potatoes. Of course, it is impossible to exclude them completely, therefore you should at least follow a measure and not eat dangerous products during the periods of deteriorations.

Asthmatics are not allowed to take extra kilos at all. The increase in 20-30 kg not only worsens the general state, but also demands the raised dose of drugs.

Myth 4. The healthy lifestyle, physical culture, quenching, salt cameras and other alternative methods of treatment can replace medicamental therapy.

Quenching is necessary for all people, especially for asthmatics. Have patience, start quenching- and you won’t have to wait for the the positive result: perspiration will disappear, thermal control will be adjusted, you will be unreceptive by drafts and colds.

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In general, any systems of quenching are acceptable, but it is better not to risk and observe moderation after all.quenching

  • In the morning after small gymnastics moisten a towel with cold water, squeeze it up and pound a body until red. Surely there will appear a feeling of heat.
  • If you are feeling cold during the procedure, that means you do something incorrectly – for example, badly squeeze out a towel or pound the body insufficiently.
  • Perform this procedure within 3 months (better to begin in July-September), increasing its duration due to several repetitions.
  • Three more months keep rubbing off, without squeezing out a towel.
  • And in six months of procedures on condition you do them every morning, it is possible to start douches under a cold shower with simultaneous grinding by a rough towel.

Salt caves also improve a condition of the asthmatic. Here the preson is treated by the “underground” pressure, constancy of humidity and temperature and the air sated with the fineest parts of curative salt.

The respiratory gymnastics is certainly useful at asthma. You may follow any system, but they all should be physiologic: inspiration and exhalation have to correspond to natural work of a respiratory musculation. No systems of “superficial respiration” are acceptable in this case. It is possible to buy pocket respiratory devices for these purposes, they are producesall over the world now.

And beware so called “healers”. Don’t trust promises – the panacea from asthma doesn’t exist. All non-drug methods of treatment of asthma will only make physiotherapeutic impact which isn’t influencing inflammatory process significantly. No matter howmany times you blow on the burned place, the combustion won’t disappear. But you should not reject them: they may improve health, mood, raise internal reserves of the whole organism.

Neither the sport, nor respiratory gymnastics, nor especially biopower therapists and healers cure asthma. They only help to improve quality of life significantly. You may learn more detailes about sports and asthma compatibility here.

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Sport doesn’t replace drugs, but also drugs don’t replace physical culture: it helps to develop endurance, to mobilize the reserves which still remained in an organism. In an initial stage of a disease it is possible to go for sports even at the professional level. Many athletes who became subsequently Olympic champions had asthma, but it didn’t prevent them to reach the tops. But you shouldn’t go to the pool and to the gym in the period of asthma exacerbation.

It is dangerous to begin physical trainings when there chronic centers of a purulent infection inaddition to asthma. proventilBefore planning to go for serious sports, it is necessary to get rid of these diseases. The neseccary thing is to have asthma inhalers at hand all the time. In case of an attack you may easily stop it. A number of inhalers is huge nowadays. We recommend you to get acquainted closer with Proventil Inhaler. Proventil has the advantage of having a dose counter on the inhaler, showing how many puffs of albuterol remain in the canister. This is very important since it is otherwise nearly impossible to know how many puffs remain in an albuterol inhaler without having a dose counter.

A study published in 2008 demonstrated the importance of having a dose counter on Proventil inhalers. Twenty-five percent of people surveyed in this study reported finding that their proventil inhaler was empty at the time of an asthma attack. In those finding an empty inhaler during an attack, nearly 80% thought that their inhaler was empty when it finished spraying – these people were unaware that propellant keeps on sprayig long time after the medication has run out, so these patients were only inhaling propellant for many doses.