Asthma Treatment by Traditional Remedies

Asthma is a serious chronic disease that affects respiratory tract. The main symptom of asthma is choking, which may start unpredictable and lead to tragic consequences. Since asthmatics are under great influence of allergic reactions, drugs and medicines for treatment should be taken with extreme caution and only on attending physician’s recommendation. That is why many carriers of this disease often wonder: how to treat asthma by traditional remedies.

Asthma Causes

Asthma is very often incorporated into human body before birth, although it is not considered a hereditary disease. Pollen, dust, dirt, pet hair – all these are causative agent of this serious disease. In some cases, emotion caused by stress can be not only a cause of disease, but also cause of choking. Suffocation is the main feature of asthma attack. Furthermore, it may be accompanied by shortness of breath, chest compression, and labored breathing. Especially it is undertaking for patient to exhale. Attacks can happen at any time, but most often it happens at night. The attack can last just a few minutes, and maybe a few hours.

Asthma treatment is possible not only by means of drugs presented on Asthma Inhalers Online, but also by use of traditional recipes. Of course, experts do not approve full presence of medicinal concoctions and other means, but sometimes they are perfect accompaniment to the main treatment course. By the way, asthma treatment by traditional methods includes breathing exercises. This practice is particularly useful in early disease’s stages. The main task of this process – to learn how to breathe properly and control your breathing. To begin you’d better to master breathing technique through nose and abdominal breathing. The basic principle is to use diaphragm, the most powerful muscles to breath, and abdominal – exhalation.asthmatic

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Asthma Treatment by Traditional Remedies

There are a few easy and simple exercises to reduce bronchial spasm. Inhale through nose, while sticking his stomach, and exhale when abdomen is retracted. This is followed by a shallow breath through the nose using diaphragm and exhale through mouth do jet, and locate palm at mouth. On exhalation, we pronounce letter “c”. The same is done with the sounds of “cw”, “cs”, “sche” and so on. You also need to pronounce vowels when exhaling. At initial stage of such exercises it is recommended to perform one time, in consequence of gradually increasing the number of repetitions to 10 times.

Asthma treatment by traditional remedies must be accompanied by protein and vegetable diet, restricting use of salt. Milk and dairy products should be eliminated from diet for a period of treatment. Massage, body wraps with mustard and regular cold-water treatment are integral part of treatment. The main part of treatment course can serve: a tablespoon of breast tea, 1 teaspoon of anise, licorice, elecampane. All this is brewed and infused over two hours. Take it warm, thus adding honey.

For sputum diffluence in asthma you should use decoction of viburnum and honey, as it helps reduce cough. All this is used in an amount of 1-2 tablespoons three times a day. The drug can be washed down not only with hot water.

If shortness of breath, you can use celandine juice. During two months take juice from 1 to 30 drops and in reverse order. In winter, when there is no opportunity to make juice, it can be replaced by dry grass celandine in ratio – tablespoon / cup of boiling water.
In addition, 20 grams of celandine is added to 200 grams of vodka and infused for 10 days. Then taken to 25 drops per day. It should be remembered that herb St. John’s wort is considered an antihistamine.
A tablespoon of milfoil is brewed in glass of boiling water and extracted for an hour. Ready broth should drain and apply three times a day.

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Remove from walnut walls, add 0.5 alcohol or vodka, and put in a warm place for 7 days. Use 25 drops in half an hour before eating 6 times a day, all washed down with warm milk.

In a sudden asthma attack patient should be given barley coffee, which should be drunk small sips. It also helps swallowing pieces of ice, ammonia. Body massaging with woolen cloth and attachment mustard plasters to calves will also help facilitate attacks in asthmatics.

Such teas consisting of common licorice, common fennel, anise fruit and violets flowers significantly improve airway and bronchi patency. All of this over 20 grams and filled with boiling water. During the day it is brewed and this means is used 3 times a day. More and more people suffer from asthma every year. Scientists told vitamin strengthens immune system.

British researchers from King’s College London conducted a study that shows that children and adults who suffer from asthma, need to spend more time in sun. Walking under sun helps increase vitamin D levels in body, scientists believe that its low level is associated with asthma patients’ deterioration.

The experiment, conducted by British scientists, finds that vitamin D activates part of human immune system, which helps to significantly improve condition of patients with asthma. But while asthma therapy with vitamin D has not yet been tested.

Nowadays, the most popular treatment for asthma is steroids of Asthma Inhalers Online, but they help not for everyone. British scientists are planning to in the near future to conduct additional studies, which prove positive effect of vitamin D in asthma. It will lead to the fact that number of drugs for asthma treatment will be lower for each patient, which will increase level of patients’ life, as well as make treatment more effective and less costly.Ginger tea

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Ginger can Help Alleviate Asthma Symptoms

The components of ginger can ease breathing for people suffering from asthma. Asthma is expressed by bronchiole constriction through which air is passed in and out of lungs. The most common asthma drugs are called beta-agonists directed to relaxation of airway smooth muscle walls.

“Asthma is spreading in recent years, however, in spite of understanding of its nature and development of mechanisms for the past 40 years, we found only a few medications that can relieve symptoms of this disease. We show in this study that ginger peeled components can work together with beta agonists, to relax airways muscles, “- said Dr. Elizabeth Townsend, working in department of anesthesiology at Columbia University.

The researchers studied samples of airway tissue, exposing them to action of acetylcholine, neurotransmitter that causes bronchospasm. The researchers mixed beta-agonist – Isadrinum with three separate components of ginger. All tissue samples were subjected to influence of each of the three mixtures, muscle relaxation response was recorded for comparison. The combination of ginger ingredients with traditional medicine gave a better effect than use of drugs only.

“Understanding mechanisms of ginger components influence of on respiratory tract, we can use this knowledge to therapeutic methods of asthma symptoms relief,” – Asthma Inhalers Online notes.